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At your home

Individual sewing courses and lessons are lead by our very talented lecturer and country manager Renata Dudova, who is regularly tested on Covid-19. You can customize the schedule according to your needs. You can choose how many lessons you need or what type of sewing course are you interested in (beginners, intermediate). The transportation fee is charged on top of the course price and costs 190 CZK and costs 190 CZK per visit. Face mask usage is mandatory for every course.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us on email:


  • Prague and surroundings, at your place
  • Due to government restrictions, it is not possible to use our premises
individualni kurz u vas doma 1
1 600 Kč
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individualni kurz u vas doma
7 500 Kč
Kód: 791
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